Episode 1×08 “Forget it Jake; It’s Chinatown”


As Wheatley goes to court to face the litany of charges against him, Richie makes moves to save himself and his family name.

Morales and Washburn keep close tabs on their star witness.

Bell and Stabler must cope with a sudden development in the case.

Air Date: Thursday, June 3 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Episode 1×07 “Everybody Takes a Beating Sometime”

Bell’s family goes public with their lawsuit, which leads to almost-instant repercussions on the job. 

Angela tries to extract her children from Wheatley’s clutches. 

Stabler puts the finishing touches on a long-awaited plan. 

Air Date: Thursday, May 27 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Episode 1×06 “I Got This Rat”

As Wheatley finalizes plans with a new client, Richie takes a big step in joining the family business.

Air Date: Thursday, May 20 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Episode 1×05 “An Inferior Product”

Stabler faces the consequences of a failed drug bust.

Bell is forced to choose between the job and her family.

Gina gets an unexpected visitor.

Guest starring Mariska Hargitay and Demore Barnes.

Air Date: Thursday, May 13 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Episode 1×04 “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of”

While the Wheatleys celebrate an important birthday, Benson joins a Stabler family gathering.

Bell investigates an accidental death. Jet gets some off-site experience. 

Air Date: Thursday, April 22 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of”

Episode 1×03 “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

Stabler and Bell team up to investigate a major lead.

Wheatley makes moves to elevate his business.

Air Date: Thursday, April 15 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

Episode 1×02 “Not Your Father’s Organized Crime”


Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) take on two new faces to the task force and investigate two seemingly unrelated crimes in hopes they’ll be connected back to their case.

Mariska Hargitay guest stars.

Air Date: Thursday, April 8 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “Not Your Father’s Organized Crime”

Episode 1×01 “What Happens in Puglia”


Christopher Meloni stars as Elliot Stabler, who returns to the NYPD to take on the city’s most powerful organized crime syndicates and rebuild his life in the wake of a devastating personal loss.

Dylan McDermott, Danielle Moné Truitt, Tamara Taylor and Ainsley Seiger also star.

Mariska Hargitay guest stars. 

Air Date: Thursday, April 1 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “What Happens in Puglia”

About Law and Order: Organized Crime

Christopher Meloni, reprising his role as Elliot Stabler, returns to the NYPD to battle organized crime after a devastating personal loss.

However, the city and police department have changed dramatically in the decade he’s been away and he must adapt to a criminal justice system in the midst of its own moment of reckoning.

Stabler will aim to find absolution and rebuild his life while leading a new elite task force that is taking apart the city’s most powerful criminal syndicates one by one.

Law & Order: Organized Crime stars Christopher Meloni, Dylan McDermott, Danielle Moné Truitt, Tamara Taylor and Ainsley Seiger, and is produced by Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group.

The series was created by Dick Wolf, who executive produces along with Ilene Chaiken, Terry Miller, Fred Berner, Arthur W. Forney and Peter Jankowski.