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A Million Little Things

Episode 3×01Hit and Run11/19/20200.7
Episode 3×02Writings on the Wall12/3/20200.6
Episode 3×3Letting Go12/10/20200.5
Episode 3×04The Talk12/17/200.5
Episode 3×05Non-Essential3/11/20210.4
Episode 3×06Miles Apart3/18/20210.5
Episode 3×07Timing3/25/20210.5
Episode 3×08The Price of Admission4/1/20210.4
Episode 3×09The Lost Sheep4/7/20210.4
Episdoe 3×10Trust Me4/14/20210.3
Episode 3×11Redefine4/21/20210.3
Episode 3×12Junior5/5/20210.3
Episode 3×13Listen5/12/20210.3
Episode 3×14United Front5/19/20210.3
Episode 3×15Not Alone5/26/20210.3
Episode 3×16No One is to Blame6/2/20210.3
Episode 3×17Justice Parts 1, 26/9/20210.4

American Housewife

Episode 5×01Graduation10/28/20200.6
Episode 5×02Psych11/4/20200.6
Episode 5×03Coupling11/18/20200.6
Episode 5×04Homeschool Sweet Homeschool11/25/20200.6
Episode 5×055Kids These Days12/2/20200.6
Episode 5×06Mother’s Little Helper1/13/20210.6
Episode 5×07Under Pressure1/27/20210.5
Episode 5×08Encourage, Discourage2/3/20210.5
Episode 5×09The Heist2/10/20210.5
Episode 5×10Getting Frank with the Ottos2/24/20210.6
Episode 5×11The Guardian3/3/20210.5
Episode 5×12How Oliver Got His Groove Back3/24/20210.5
Episode 5×13The Election3/31/20210.4

Big Sky

Episode 1×01Pilot11/17/20200.70
Episode 1×02Nowhere to Run11/24/20200.70
Episode 1×03The Big Rick12/1/20200.70
Episode 1×04Unfinished Business12/8/20200.60
Episode 1×05A Good Day to Die12/15/20200.60
Episode 1×06The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood1/26/20210.60
Episode 1×07I Fall to Pieces2/2/20210.60
Episode 1×08The End is Near2/9/20210.60
Episode 1×09Let it Be Him2/16/20210.60
Episode 1×10Catastrophic Thinking4/13/20210.5
Episode 1×11All Kinds of Snakes4/13/20210.4
Episode 1×12No Better Than Dogs4/20/202210.4
Episode 1×13White Lion4/27/20210.3
Episode 1×14Nice Animals5/4/20210.3
Episode 1×15Bitter Roots5/11/20210.4
Episode 1×16Love is a Strange and Dangerous Thing5/18/20210.4


Episode 7×01Hero Pizza10/21/20200.60
Episode 7×02Dre at Home Order10/28/20200.60
Episode 7×03Age Against the Machine11/4/20200.50
Episode 7×04Our Wedding Dre11/18/20200.40
Episode 7×05Babes in Boyland11/25/20200.50
Episode 7×06Compton Around the Christmas Tree12/2/20200.40
Episode 7×07Black-out1/26/20210.60
Episode 7×08What About Gary?2/2/20210.50
Episode 7×09First Trap2/9/20210.40
Episode 7×10High Water Mark2/16/20210.50
Episode 7×11The Mother and Child De-Union2/23/20210.50
Episode 7×12Things Done Changed3/2/20210.4
Episode 7×13Jack’s First Stand3/23/20210.4
Episode 7×14 100 Yards and Runnin’3/30/20210.4
Episode 7×15Move-In Ready4/6/20210.3
Episode 7×16My Dinner with Andre Junior4/20/20210.4
Episode 7×17Missions and Ambitions4/27/20210.4
Episode 7×18Snitches Get Boundaries5/11/20210.3
Episode 7×19Urban Legend5/18/20210.3

Call your Mother

Episode 1×01Pilot1/13/20210.5
Episode 1×02Distressed Jean1/20/20210.4
Episode 1×03Quaran-Jean1/27/20210.4
Episode 1×04New Car, New Job, New Jean2/03/20210.4
Episode 1×05Dating Jean2/10/20220.3
Episode 1×06Sunday Dinner2/24/20210.5
Episode 1×07Feelings3/3/20210.5
Episode 1×08California Jeanin3/24/20210.3
Episode 1×09One Bad Mother3/31/20210.3
Episode 1×10The Prime of Miss Jean Raines4/14/20210.3
Episode 1×11Save the Date4/21/20210.3
Episode 1×12The Raines Games5/12/20210.4
Episode 1×13Jean There. Done That”5/19/20210.4

The Conners

Episode 3×01Keep On Truckin’ Six Feet Apart10/21/20200.9
Episode 3×02Halloween and the Election vs. The Pandemic10/28/20200.8
Episode 3×03Plastics, Trash Talk & Darlene Antoinette11/4/20200.7
Episode 3×04Birthdays, Babies and Emotional Support Chickens11/18/20200.6
Episode 3×05Friends in High Places and Horse Surgery11/25/20200.7
Episode 3×06Protest, Drug Test and One Leaves the Nest12/2/20200.6
Episode 3×07A Cold Mom, A Brother Daddy and a Prison Baby1/13/20210.6
Episode 3×08Young Love, Old Lions and Middle-Aged Hyenas1/20/20210.6
Episode 3×09Promotions, Podcasts and Magic Tea1/27/20210.6
Episode 3×10Who Are Bosses, Boats and Eckhart Tolle?2/3/20210.6
Episode 3×11Panic Attacks Hardware Store & Big Mouth Billy Bass2/24/20210.6
Episode 3×12A Stomach Ache, A Heartbreak and a Grave Mistake3/3/20210.4
Episode 3×13Walden Pond, A Staycation and The Axis Powers3/24/20210.6
Episode 3×14Money, Booze and Lies3/31/20210.5
Episode 3×15An Old Dog, New Tricks and a Ticket to Ride4/7/20210.7
Episode 3×16A Fast Car, A Sudden Loss and a Slow Decline4/7/20210.6
Episode 3×17Regrets, Rehabs and Realtors4/14/20210.6
Episode 3×18Cheating, Revelations and A Box of Doll Heads4/21/20210.5
Episode 3×19Jeopardé, Sobrieté and Infidelité5/12/20210.6
Episdoe 3×20Two Proposals, a Homecoming and a Bear5/19/20210.6

The Good Doctor

Episode 4×01Frontline Part 111/2/20200.7
Episode 4×02Frontline Part 211/9/20200.6
Episode 4×03Newbies11/16/20200.6
Episode 4×04Not the Same11/23/20200.6
Episode 4×05Fault11/30/20200.6
Episode 4×06Lim1/11/20210.6
Episode 4×07The Uncertainty Principale1/18/20210.6
Episode 4×08Parenting1/25/20210.7
Episode 4×09Irresponsible Salad Bar Practices2/15/20210.6
Episode 4×10Decrypt2/22/20210.6
Episode 4×11We’re All Crazy Sometimes3/8/20210.6
Episode 4×12Teeny Blue Eyes3/22/20210.5
Episode 4×13Spilled Milk3/29/20210.5
Episode 4×14Gender Reveal4/19/20210.5
Episode 4×15Waiting4/26/20210.5
Episode 4×16Dr. Ted5/10/20210.5
Episdoe 4×17Letting Go5/17/20210.6
Episode 4×18Forgive or Forget5/24/20210.6
Episode 4×19Venga5/31/20210.5
Episode 4×20Vamos6/7/20210.6

Grey’s Anatomy

Episode 17×01All Tomorrow’s Parties /11/12/20201.3
Episode 17×02The Center Won’t Hold11/12/20201.3
Episode 17×03My Happy Ending11/19/20201.2
Episode 17×04You’ll Never Walk Alone11/19/20201.3
Episode 17×05Fight the Power12/3/20201.2
Episode 17×06No Time for Despair12/10/20201.2
Episode 17×07Helplessly Hoping3/11/20210.9
Episode 17×08It’s All Too Much3/18/20210.9
Episode 17×09In My Life3/25/20210.9
Episode 17×10Breathe4/1/20210.7
Episode 17×11Sorry doesn’t Always Make it Right4/8/20210.9
Episode 17×12Sign O’ the Times4/15/20210.9
Episode 17×13Good as Hell4/22/20210.8
Episode 17×14Look Up Child5/6/20210.9
Episode 17×15Tradition5/20/20210.8
Episode 17×16I’m Still Standing5/27/20210.7
Episode 17/18Someone Saved My Life Tonight6/03/20210.8


Episode 2×01Sweet Child O’ Mine1/26/20210.6
Episode 2×02Brand New Funk2/2/20210.5
Episode 3×03On My Own2/09/20210.4
Episode 3×04Livin’ on a Prayer2/16/20210.4
Episode 3×05My Prerogative2/23/20210.4
Episode 3×06Just the Two of Us3/2/20210.3
Episode 3×07You Give Love a Bad Name3/23/20210.3
Episode 3×08She’s a Bad Mama Jama3/30/20210.4
Episode 3×09Material Girl4/6/20210.3
Episode 3×10You Dropped a Bomb On Me4/20/20210.3
Episode 3×11Tainted Love4/27/20210.3
Episode 3×12Walk This Way5/11/20210.3
Episode 3×13Forever Young5/18/20210.3

The Rookie

Episode 3×01Consequences1/3/20210.5
Episode 3×02In Justice1/10/20210.5
Episode 3×03La Fiera1/17/20210.5
Episode 3×04Sabotage1/24/20210.4
Episode 3×05Lockdown2/14/20210.6
Episode 3×06Revelations2/21/20210.5
Episode 3×07True Crime28/2/20210.4
Episode 3×08Bad Blood28/3/20210.4
Episode 3×09Amber4/4/20210.5
Episode 3×10Man of Honor4/11/20210.4
Episode 3×11New Blood4/18/20210.5
Episode 3×12Brave Heart5/2/20210.5
Episode 3×13Triple Duty5/9/20210.6
Episode 3×14Threshold5/16/20210.5

Station 19

Episode 4×01Nothing Seems the Same11/12/20201.2
Episode 4×02Wild World11/19/20201.0
Episode 4×03We Are Family12/3/20200.9
Episode 4×04Don’t Look Back in Anger12/10/20200.8
Episode 4×05Out of Control12/17/20201.0
Episode 4×06Train in Vain3/11/20210.9
Episode 4×07Learning to Fly3/18/20210.7
Episode 4×08Make No Mistake, He’s Mine3/25/20210.7
Episode 4×09No One is Alone4/1/20210.7
Episode 4×10Save Yourself4/8/20210.7
Episode 4×11Here it Comes Again4/15/20210.7
Episode 4×12Get Up, Stand Up4/22/20210.7
Episode 4×13I Guess I’m Floating5/6/20210.7
Episode 4×14Comfortably Numb5/20/20210.8
Episode 4×15Say Her Name5/27/20210.7
Episode 4×16Forever and Ever, Amen6/03/20210.7


The Blacklist

Episode 8×01Roanoke (No. 139)11/13/20200.4
Episode 8×02Katarina Rostova: Conclusion (No. 3)11/20/20200.4
Episode 8×0316 Ounces1/22/20210.4
Episode 8×04Elizabeth Keen (No. 1)1/29/20210.4
Episode 8×05The Fribourg Confidence (No. 140)2/5/20210.4
Episode 8×06The Wellstone Agency 2/12/20210.3
Episode 8×07Chemical Mary2/19/20210.3
Episode 8×08Ogden Greeley2/26/20210.3
Episode 8×09The Cyranoid3/5/20210.3
Episode 8×10Dr. Laken Perillos3/12/20210.3
Episode 8×11Captain Kidd3/26/20210.3
Episode 8×12Rakitin4/2/20210.3
Episdoe 8×13Anne4/16/20210.3
Episode 8×14Misere4/23/20210.4
Episode 8×15The Russian Knot4/30/20210.3
Episode 8×16Nicholas Obenrader5/7/20210.3
Episode 8×17Ivan Stepanov5/14/20210.3
Episode 8×18The Protean5/21/20210.4
Episode 8×19Balthazar “Bino” Baker5/28/20210.4
Episode 8×20Godwin Page6/04/20210.3
Episode 8×21Nachalo6/16/20210.3
Episode 8×22Konets6/23/20210.2

Chicago Fire

Episode 9×01Rattle Second City11/11/20201.0
Episode 9×02That Kind Of Heat11/18/20201.0
Episode 9×03Smash Therapy1/13/20211.0
Episode 9×04Funny What Things Remind Us1/27/20210.9
Episode 9×05My Lucky Day2/3/20211.0
Episode 9×06Blow This Up Somehow2/10/20211.0
Episode 9×07Dead of Winter2/17/20210.9
Episode 9×08Escape Route3/10/20210.9
Episode 9×10Double Red3/17/20210.8
Episode 9×11One Crazy Shift3/31/20210.9
Episode 9×12A Couple Hundred Degrees4/7/20210.7
Episode 9×13Natural Born Firefighter4/21/20210.8
Episdoe 9×14Don’t Hang Up5/5/20210.9
Episode 9×15What comes Next5/12/20210.9
Episode 9×16A White-Knuckle Panic5/19/20210.8
Episode 9×20No Survivors5/26/20210.9

Chicago Med

Episode 6×01When Did We Begin to Change?11/11/20201.2
Episode 6×02We’re Lost in the Dark11/18/20201.0
Episode 6×03Do You Know the Way Home1/13/20211.0
Episode 6×04In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission1/27/20210.9
Episode 6×05When Your Heart Rules Your Head2/3/20211.0
Episode 6×06Don’t Want to Face This Now2/10/20210.9
Episode 6×07Better is the Enemy of Good2/17/20210.9
Episode 6×08Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons3/10/20211.0
Episode 6×09For the Want of a Nail3/17/20210.7
Episode 6×10So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried3/31/20210.8
Episode 6×11Letting Go Only to Come Together4/7/20210.8
Episode 6×12Some Things Are Worth the Risk4/21/20210.9
Episdoe 6×13What A Tangled Web We Weave5/5/20210.8
Episode 6×14A Red Pill, A Blue Pill5/12/20210.9
Episode 6×15Stories, Secrets, Half-Truths and Lies5/19/20210.8
Episode 6×16I Will Come to Save You5/26/20210.8

Chicago PD

Episode 8×01Fighting Ghosts11/11/20200.9
Episode 8×02White Knuckle11/18/20200.8
Episode 8×03Tender Age1/13/20210.9
Episode 8×04Unforgiven1/27/20210.9
Episode 8×05In Your Care2/3/20210.8
Episode 8×06Equal Justice2/10/20210.8
Episode 8×07Instinct2/17/20210.8
Episode 8×08Protect and Serve3/10/20210.8
Episode 8×09Impossible Dream3/17/20210.8
Episode 8×10The Radical Truth3/31/20210.9
Episode 8×11Signs of Violence4/7/20210.7
Episode 8×12Due Process4/21/20210.8
Episode 8×13Trouble Dolls5/5/20210.9
Episode 8×14Safe5/12/20210.8
Episode 8×15The Right Thing5/19/20210.8
Episode 8×16The Other Side5/26/20210.9


Episode 1×01 Pilot3/1/20210.6
Episode 1×02We Are Not Alone3/8/20210.4
Episode 1×03Solar Winds3/15/20210.4
Episode 1×04In Universe3/22/20210.4
Episode 1×05Earthshine3/29/20210.3
Episode 1×06Supernova4/5/20210.4
Episode 1×07You Can Call Her Caroline4/12/20210.4
Episdoe 1×08Spaceman4/19/20210.4
Episdoe 1×09Do You Know Icarus?4/26/20210.4
Episode 1×10I Am Icarus5/3/20210.4
Episode 1×11Asalah5/10/20210.4
Episode 1×12A Message From Ground Control5/17/20210.3
Episdoe 1×13Celestial Body (Season Finale)5/24/20210.3

Law and Order: Organized Crime

Episode 1×01What Happens in Puglia4/1/20211.5
Episode 1×02Not Your Father’s Organized Crime4/8/20210.8
Episode 1×03Say Hello to My Little Friend4/15/20210.6
Episode 1×04The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of4/22/20210.6
Episode 1×05An Inferior Product5/13/20210.7
Episode 1×06I Got This Rat5/20/20210.7
Episode 1×07Everybody Takes a Beating Sometime5/27/20210.6
Episode 1×08Forget it Jake, It’s China Town6/03/20210.6


Episode 3×01Tailfin4/1/20210.6
Episode 3×02Deadhead4/8/20210.5
Episodes 3×03Wingman4/15/20210.5
Episode 3×04Tailspin4/22/20210.5
Episode 3×05Water Landing4/29/20210.4
Episode 3×06Graveyard Spiral4/29/20210.4
Episode 3×07Precious Cargo5/6/20210.5
Episode 3×08Destination Unknown5/6/20210.5
Episode 3×09Bogey5/13/20210.4
Episode 3×10Compass Calibration5/20/20210.4
Episode 3×11Duty Free5/27/20210.4
Episode 3×12 & 3×13Mayday, Parts 1 and 26/10/20210.4

New Amsterdam

Episode 3×01The New Normal3/2/20210.6
Episode 3×02Essential Workers3/9/20210.6
Episode 3×03Safe Enough3/16/20210.4
Episode 3×04This is All I Need3/24/20210.5
Episode 3×05Blood Sweat and Tears3/30/20210.4
Episode 3×06Why Not Yesterday3/6/20210.4
Episode 3×07The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer4/13/20210.4
Episode 3×08Catch4/20/20210.4
Episode 3×09Disconnected4/27/20210.3
Episdoe 3×10Radical5/4/20210.4
Episode 3×11Pressure Drop5/11/20210.4
Episode 3×12Things Fall Apart5/18/202210.4
Episode 3×13Fight Time6/01/20210.5
Episode 3×14Death Begins in Radiology6/01/20210.5

This is Us

Episodes 1 & 2Forty” Parts 1, 210/27/20201.4
Episode 5×03Changes11/10/20201.3
Episode 5×04Honestly11/17/20201.2
Episode 5×05A Long Road Home1/5/20211.0
Episode 5×06Birth Mother1/12/20211.0
Episode 5×07There2/9/20211.1
Episode 5×08In the Room2/16/20211.1
Episode 5×09The Ride2/23/20210.9
Episode 5×10I’ve Got This3/16/20210.8
Episode 5×11One Small Step …3/23/20210.8
Episode 5×12Both Things Can Be True4/6/20210.7
Episode 5×13Brotherly Love4/13/20210.8
Episode 5×14The Music and the Mirror5/11/20210.8
Episode 5×15Jerry 2.05/18/20210.8
Episode 5×16The Adirondacks5/25/20210.8


All Rise

Episode 2×01A Change Is Gonna Come11/16/20200.5
Episode 2×02Keep Ya Head Up11/23/20200.5
Episode 2×03Sliding Floors11/30/20200.5
Episode 2×04Bad Beat12/7/20200.5
Episode 2×05The Perils of the Plea12/14/20200.4
Episode 2×06Bounceback1/4/20210.5
Episode 2×07Almost The Meteor1/25/20210.5
Episode 2×08Bette Davis Eyes2/8/20210.5
Episode 2×09Safe to Fall2/22/20210.4
Episode 2×10Georgia3/15/20210.4
Episdoe 2×11Forgive Us Our Trespasses4/12/20210.4
Episode 2×12Chasing Waterfalls4/19/20210.4
Episode 2×13Love’s Illusions4/26/20210.4
Episode 2×14Caught Up in Circles5/3/20210.4
Episode 2×15Hear My Voice5/10/20210.4
Episode 2×16Leap of Faith5/17/20210.5
Episode 2×17Yeet5/24/20210.4


Episode 5×01My Corona11/16/20200.4
Episode 5×02The Great Divide11/23/20200.5
Episode 5×03Prison Break11/30/20200.5
Episode 5×04The Ex Factor12/14/20200.4
Episode 5×05Fallen Idols1/4/20210.5
Episode 5×06To Save a Life1/18/20210.5
Episode 5×07The Head of the Goat1/25/20210.5
Episode 5×08Cloak and Beaker2/8/20210.5
Episode 5×09The Bad Client2/22/20210.5
Episode 5×10The Boy Who Cried Murder3/15/20210.4
Episdoe 5×11Truth and Reconciliation 4/12/20210.4
Episdoe 5×11Evidence to the Contrary4/19/20210.4
Episode 5×12Law of the Jungle4/26/20210.5
Episode 5×13Under the Influence5/3/20210.5
Episode 5×14Snatchback5/10/20210.5
Episdoe 5×15A Friend in Need5/17/20210.4


Episode 1×01The Silence is Over2/11/20210.5
Episode 1×02Ghosts of Highway 202/18/20210.4
Episode 1×03Are You Alright?2/25/20210.4
Episode 1×04You Can’t Rule Me3/4/20210.4
Episode 1×05Get Right With God3/11/20210.3
Episode 1×06How Does it Feel to be So Beautiful4/1/20210.3
Episode 1×07Ugly Truth4/8/20210.3
Episode 1×08Add-a-Bead5/6/20210.3
Episode 1×09Silence is Purgatory5/13/20210.3
Episode 1×10Motherless Child6/3/20210.2
Episode 1×11Achilles Heel6/10/20210.2
Episode 1×12Father Time6/17/20210.3
Episode 1×13Family is Freedom6/24/20210.2

The Equalizer

Episode 1×01The Equalizer2/7/20215.1
Episode 1×02Glory2/14/20210.9
Episode 1×03Judgment Day2/21/20210.7
Episode 1×04It Takes a Village2/28/20210.7
Episode 1×05The Milk Run3/28/20210.7
Episode 1×06The Room Where it Happens4/4/20210.7
Episode 1×07Hunting Grounds5/2/20210.6
Episode 1×08Lifeline5/9/20210.6
Episode 1×09True Believer5/16/20210.6
Episode 1×10Reckoning5/23/20210.7


Episode 3×01Never Trust a Stranger11/17/20200.9
Episode 3×02Unreasonable Doubt11/24/20200.9
Episode 3×03Liar’s Poker12/8/20200.6
Episode 3×04Crazy Love1/24/20212.0
Episode 3×05Clean Slate1/26/20210.8
Episode 3×06Uncovered2/9/20210.8
Episode 3×07Discord3/2/20210.6
Episode 3×08Walk the Line3/9/20210.7
Episode 3×09Leverage3/16/20210.7
Episode 3×10Checks and Balances4/6/20210.7
Episode 3×11Brother’s Keeper4/27/20210.6
Episode 3×12Fathers and Sons5/4/20210.7
Episode 3×13Short Squeeze5/11/20210.6
Episode 3×14Trigger Effect5/18/20210.7
Episdoe 3×15Straight Flush5/25/20210.6

FBI: Most Wanted

Episode 2×01Rampage11/17/20200.6
Episode 2×02Execute11/24/20200.7
Episode 2×03Deconflict12/8/20200.5
Episode 2×04Anonymous1/19/20210.6
Episode 2×05The Line1/26/20210.7
Episode 2×06Dysfunction2/9/20210.6
Episode 2×07Winner3/2/20210.5
Episode 2×08Vanished3/9/20210.5
Episode 2×09One-Zero3/15/20210.6
Episode 2×10Spiderwebs4/6/20210.6
Episode 2×11Obstruction4/27/20210.6
Episode 2×12Criminal Justice5/4/20210.5
Episode 2×13Toxic5/11/20210.5
Episode 2×14Hustler5/18/20210.5
Episode 2×15Chattaboogie5/25/20210.5


Episode 5×01Resort + Desi + Riley + Window Cleaner + Witness12/4/20200.50
Episode 5×02Thief + Painting + Auction + Viro-486 + Justice12/11/20200.50
Episode 5×03Eclipse + USMC-1856707 + Step Potential + Chain Lock + Ma12/18/20200.50
Episode 5×04Banh Bao + Sterno + Drill + Burner + Mason 1/8/20200.60
Episode 5×05Jack + Kinematics + Safe Cracker + MgKNO3 + GTO1/15/20210.60
Episode 5×06Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance1/22/20210.60
Episode 5×07Golden Lancehead + Venom + Pole Vault + Blood + Baggage2/5/20210.50
Episode 5×08SOS + Hazmat + Ultrasound + Frequency + Malihini2/12/20210.50
Episode 5×09Rails + Pitons + Pulley + Pipe + Salt2/19/20210.50
Episode 5×10 Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower3/5/20210.4
Episode 5×11C8H7ClO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games3/26/20210.4
Episode 5×12Royalty + Marriage + Vivaah Sanskar + Zinc + Henna4/2/20210.4
Episode 5×13Barn Find + Engine Oil + La Punzonatura + Lab Rats + Tachometer4/9/20210.4
Episode 5×14H2O + Orthophosphates + Mission City + Corrosion + Origins4/16/20210.4
Episode 5×15Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal4/30/20210.4


Episode 3×01Double Jeopardy12/4/20200.5
Episode 3×02Easy Money12/11/20200.5
Episode 3×03No Way Out12/18/20200.5
Episode 3×04First the Beatdown, Then the Blowback1/8/20210.6
Episode 3×05The Day Danger Walked In1/15/20210.5
Episode 3×06Tell No One1/22/20210.6
Episode 3×07Killer on the Midnight Watch2/5/20210.5
Episode 3×08 Someone to Watch Over Me2/12/20210.5
Episode 3×09The Big Payback2/19/20200.5
Episode 3×10The Long Way Home3/5/20210.5
Episode 3×11The Lies We Tell3/26/20210.4
Episode 3×12Dark Harvest4/2/20210.5
Episode 3×13Cry Murder4/9/20210.5
Episode 3×14Whispers of Death4/16/20210.5
Episode 3×15Before the Fall4/30/20210.4
Episode 3×16Bloodline5/7/20210.4


Episode 18×01Sturgeon Season11/17/20200.9
Episode 18×02Everything Starts Somewhere11/24/20200.9
Episode 18×03Blood and Treasure12/8/20200.7
Episode 18×04Sunburn1/19/20210.8
Episode 18×05Head of the Snake1/19/20210.8
Episode 18×061mm1/26/20211.0
Episode 18×07The First Day2/9/20210.9
Episode 18×08True Believer3/2/20210.8
Episode 18×09Winter Chill3/9/20210.8
Episode 18×10Watchdog3/16/20210.8
Episode 18×11Gut Punch4/6/20210.9
Episode 18×12Sangre4/27/20210.6
Episode 18×13Misconduct5/4/20210.8
Episode 18×14Unseen Improvements5/11/20210.7
Episode 18×15Blown Away5/18/20210.7
Episode 18×16Rule 915/25/20210.7

NCIS Los Angeles

Episode 12×01The Bear11/8/20200.8
Episode 12×02War Crimes11/15/20200.6
Episode 12×03Angry Karen11/22/20200.6
Episode 12×04Cash Flow12/6/20200.5
Episode 12×05Raising the Dead12/6/20200.4
Episode 12×06If the Fates Allow12/13/20200.6
Episode 12×07Overdue1/3/20210.6
Episode 12×08Love Kills1/10/20210.7
Episode 12×09A Fait Accompli1/17/20210.6
Episode 12×10The Frogman’s Daughter2/14/20210.7
Episode 12×11Russia, Russia, Russia2/21/20210.6
Episode 12×12Can’t Take My Eyes Off You2/28/20210.5
Episode 12×13Red Rover, Red Rover3/28/20210.9
Episode 12×14The Noble Maidens4/4/20210.5
Episdoe 12×15Imposter Syndrome5/2/20210.6
Episode 12×16Signs of Change5/9/20210.6
Episode 12×17Through the Looking Glass5/16/20210.6

NCIS New Orleans

Episode 7×01Something in the Air, Part I11/8/20200.6
Episode 7×02Something in the Air, Part II11/15/20200.4
Episode 7×03One of Our Own11/22/20200.5
Episode 7×04We All Fall…12/13/20200.5
Episode 7×05Operation Drano, Part I1/3/20210.5
Episode 7×06Operation Drano: Part II1/10/20210.5
Episode 7×07Leda and the Swan: Part 11/17/20210.5
Episode 7×08Leda and the Swan: Part 22/14/20210.5
Episode 7×09Into Thin Air2/21/20210.5
Episode 7×10Homeward Bound2/28/20210.5
Episode 7×11Stashed3/28/20210.8
Episode 7×12Once Upon a Time4/4/20210.5
Episode 7×13Choices5/2/20210.5
Episode 7×14Illusions5/9/20210.5
Episode 7×15Runs In The Family5/16/20210.5


Episode 4×01God of War12/2/20200.5
Episode 4×02Forever War12/2/20200.5
Episode 4×03The New Normal12/9/20200.6
Episode 4×04Shockwave12/16/20200.5
Episode 4×05The Carrot or The Stick1/13/20210.5
Episode 4×06Horror Has a Face1/27/20210.5
Episode 4×07All In2/17/20210.5
Episode 4×08Cover For Action3/3/20210.5
Episode 4×09Reckoning3/9/20210.4
Episode 4×10A Question of Honor3/24/20210.5
Episode 4×11Limits of Loyalty4/7/20210.7
Episode 4×12Rearview Mirror4/21/20210.4
Episode 4×13Do No Harm5/5/20210.4
Episode 4×14Hollow at the Core5/12/20210.4
Episode 4×15Nightmare of My Choice5/19/20210.5
Episdoe 4×16One Life to Live5/26/20210.5


Episode 4×013 Seventeen Year Olds11/11/20200.4
Episode 4×02Stakeout11/11/20200.4
Episode 4×03The Black Hand Man11/18/20200.3
Episode 4×04Memento Mori11/25/20200.4
Episode 4×05Fracture12/9/20200.5
Episode 4×06Hopeless Sinner12/16/20200.5
Episode 4×07Under Fire1/13/20210.4
Episode 4×08Crusade1/27/20210.4
Episode 4×09Next of Kin2/17/20210.4
Episode 4×10Buried3/3/20210.4
Episode 4×11Positive Thinking3/10/20210.3
Episode 4×12U-Turn3/24/20210.5
Episode 4×13Sins of the Fathers4/7/20210.7
Episode 4×14Reckoning4/21/20210.4
Episode 4×15Local Heroes5/5/20210.4
Episode 4×16Lockdown5/12/20210.3
Episode 4×17Whistleblower5/19/20210.4
Episdoe 4×18Veritas Vincint5/26/20210.5



Episode 4×01The New Abnormal1/18/20211.2
Episode 4×02Alone Together1/25/20211.2
Episode 4×03Future Tense2/1/20211.0
Episode 4×049-1-1, What’s Your Grievance?2/8/20211.1
Episode 4×05Buck Begins2/15/20211.0
Episode 4×06Jinx2/22/20211.1
Episode 4×07There Goes The Neighborhood3/1/20211.0
Episode 4×08Breaking Point (Winter Finale)3/8/20211.0
Episode 4×09Blindsided4/19/20211.0
Episode 4×10Parenthood4/26/20210.9
Episode 4×11First Responders5/3/20210.9
Episode 4×12Treasure Hunt5/10/20210.8
Episode 4×13Suspicion5/17/20210.9
Episode 4×14Survivors5/24/20211.1

911: Lone Star

Episode 4×01Back in the Saddle1/18/20210.90
Episode 4×022100°1/25/20211.0
Episode 4×03Hold the Line2/1/20210.8
Episode 4×04Friends with Benefits2/8/20210.9
Episode 4×05Difficult Conversations2/15/20210.9
Episode 4×06Everyone and Their Brother2/22/20210.8
Episode 4×07Displaced3/1/20210.8
Episode 4×08Bad Call (Winter Finale)3/8/20210.9
Episode 4×09Saving Grace4/19/20210.8
Episode 4×10A Little Help From My Friends4/26/20210.7
Episode 4×11Slow Burn5/3/20210.8
Episode 4×12The Big Heat5/10/20210.7
Episode 4×13One Day5/17/20210.8
Episdoe 4×14Dust to Dust5/24/20210.9

Prodigal Son

Episode 4×01It’s All in the Execution1/12/20210.5
Episode 4×02Speak of the Devil1/19/20210.5
Episode 4×03Alma Mater1/26/20210.4
Episode 4×04Take Your Father to Work Day2/2/20210.5
Episode 4×05Bad Manners2/9/20210.4
Episode 4×06Head Case2/16/20210.4
Episode 4×07Face Value3/2/20210.3
Episode 4×08Ouroboros4/13/20210.5
Episode 4×09The Killabustas4/20/20210.4
Episode 4×10Exit Strategy4/27/20210.3
Episode 4×11You Can Run…5/4/20210.4
Episode 4×12Sun and Fun5/11/20210.4
Episode 4×13The Last Weekend5/18/20210.3

The Resident

Episode 4×01A Wedding, A Funeral1/12/20210.7
Episode 4×02Mina’s Kangaroo Court1/19/20210.6
Episode 4×03The Accidental Patient1/26/20210.6
Episode 4×04Moving On and Mother Hens2/2/20210.6
Episode 4×05Home Before Dark2/9/20210.5
Episode 4×06Requiems & Revivals2/16/20210.6
Episode 4×07Hero Moments3/2/20210.6
Episode 4×08First Days, Last Days3/9/20210.6
Episode 4×09Doors Opening, Doors Closing4/13/20210.5
Episode 4×10Into the Unknown4/20/20210.5
Episode 4×11After the Storm4/27/20210.5
Episode 4×12Hope in the unseen5/4/20210.5
Episode 4×13Finding Family5/11/20210.5
Episode 4×14 Past, Present, Future5/18/20210.4


All American

Episode 3×01Seasons Pass1/18/20210.4
Episode 3×02How To Survive in South Central1/25/20210.3
Episode 3×03High Expectations2/1/20210.2
Episode 3×04My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me2/8/20210.3
Episode 3×05How Come2/15/20210.3
Episode 3×06Teenage Love2/22/20210.3
Episode 3×07Roll the Rice3/1/20210.2
Episode 3×08Canceled3/8/20210.3
Episdoe 3×09Testify4/12/20210.2
Episode 3×10Put Up or Shut Up4/19/20210.2
Episode 3×11The Bigger Picture4/26/20210.2
Episode 3×12Fight the Power5/17/20210.2
Episode 3×13Bring the Noise5/24/20210.3
Episode 3×14Ready or Not6/14/20210.3
Episode 3×15After Hours6/21/20210.2
Episode 3×16No Opp Left Behind6/28/20210.2
Episode 3×17All American: Homecoming7/5/20210.2
Episode 3×18Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)7/12/20210.2
Episode 3×19Surviving the Times7/19/20210.2

Black Lightning

Episode 4×01The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter 12/8/20210.2
Episode 4×02The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter 22/15/20210.1
Episode 4×03The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter 32/22/20210.1
Episode 4×04The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter 43/1/20210.1
Episode 4×05The Book of Ruin: Chapter 13/8/20210.2
Episode 4×06The Book of Ruin: Chapter 23/15/20210.1
Episode 4×07Painkiller4/12/20210.1
Episode 4×08The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three4/19/20210.1
Episode 4×09The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four4/26/20210.1
Episode 4×10The Book of Reunification: Chapter One5/3/20210.1
Episdoe 4×11The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two5/10/20210.1
Episode 4×12The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One: Crossroads5/17/20210.1
Episode 4×13The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure5/24/20210.2

The Flash

Episode 7×01All’s Well That Ends Wells3/2/20210.3
Episode 7×02The Speed of Thought3/9/20210.3
Episode 7×03Mother3/16/20210.2
Episode 7×04 Central City Strong3/23/20210.2
Episode 7×05Fear Me3/30/20210.2
Episode 7×06The One With the Nineties4/6/20210.3
Episode 7×07Growing Pains4/13/20210.3
Episode 7×08The People V. Killer Frost5/4/20210.2
Episode 7×09Timeless5/11/20210.2
Episode 7×10Family Matters, Part 15/18/20210.2
Episode 7×11Family Matters, Part 25/25/20210.1
Episode 7×12Good-Bye Vibrations6/8/20210.2
Episode 7×13Masquerade6/15/20210.2
Episode 7×14Rayo de Luz6/22/20210.2
Episode 7×15Enemy at the Gates6/29/20210.2
Episode 7×16P.O.W.7/6/20210.2
Episode 7×17Heart of the Matter, Part 17/13/20210.2
Episode 7×18Heart of the Matter, Part 27/20/20210.2

Kung Fu

Episode 1×01Pilot4/7/20210.2
Episode 1×02Silence4/14/20210.2
Episode 1×03Patience4/21/20210.2
Episode 1×04Hand4/28/20210.2
Episode 1×05Sanctuary5/5/20210.1
Episode 1×06Rage5/12/20210.1
Episode 1×07Guidance5/26/20210.1
Episode 1×08Destiny6/2/20210.1
Episode 1×09Isolation6/23/20210.1
Episode 1×10Choice6/30/20210.1
Episode 1×11Attachement7/7/20210.1
Episode 1×12Sacrifice7/14/20210.1
Episode 1×13Transformation7/21/20210.1


Episode 6×01Rebirth3/30/20210.1
Episode 6×02A Few Good Women4/6/20210.1
Episode 6×03Phantom Menaces4/13/20210.1
Episode 6×04Lost Souls4/20/20210.1
Episode 6×05Prom Night4/27/20210.2
Episode 6×06Prom Again!5/4/20210.1
Episode 6×07Fear Knot5/11/20210.1
Episode 6×08Welcome Back, Kara8/24/20210.1
Episode 6×09Dream Weaver8/31/2021
Episode 6×10Still I Rise9/7/2021
Episode 6×11Mxy in the Middle9/14/2021
Episode 6×12Blind Spots9/21/2021

Superman & Lois

Episode 1×01Pilot2/23/20210.3
Episode 1×02Heritage3/2/20210.3
Episode 1×03The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower3/9/20210.3
Episode 1×04Haywire3/16/20210.2
Episode 1×05The Best of Smallville3/23/20210.2
Episode 1×06Broken Trust5/18/20210.1
Episode 1×07Man of Steel5/25/20210.2
Episode 1×08Holding the Wrench6/01/20210.1
Episode 1×09Loyal Subjekts6/08/20210.2
Episode 1×10O Mother, Where Art Thou?6/15/20210.2
Episode 1×11A Brief Reminiscence Between Cataclysmic Events6/22/20210.2
Episode 1×12Through the Valley of Death7/13/20210.2
Episode 1×13Fail Safe7/20/20210.2
Episode 1×14The Eradicator8/10/20210.1
Episode 1×15Last Sons of Krypton8/17/20210.1


Episode 1×01Pilot1/21/20210.4
Episode 1×02Back in the Saddle1/28/20210.3
Episode 1×03Bobble Head2/4/20210.3
Episode 1×04Don’t Fence Me In2/11/20210.2
Episode 1×05Duke2/18/20210.2
Episode 1×06Bar None3/11/20210.3
Episode 1×07Tracks3/18/20210.3
Episdoe 1×08Fine is a Four Letter Word4/8/20210.2
Episode 1×09Time. Place. Collateral.4/15/20210.2
Episode 1×10Encore5/6/20210.1
Episode 1×11Freedom5/13/20210.1
Episode 1×12A Tale of Two Families5/20/20210.2
Episode 1×13Defend the Ranch6/20/20210.2
Episode 1×14Mehar’s Jacket6/17/20210.1
Episode 1×15Four Stones in Hand6/24/20210.2
Episode 1×16Bad Apples7/15/20210.1
Episode 1×17Dig7/22/20210.2
Episode 1×18Drive8/12/20210.1

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