The Resident returns on Tuesday with “The Space Between,” an episode that sees our docs struggling to save the lives of two patients — a young boy, and an elderly woman — under extreme circumstances.

Meanwhile, an ageing doctor in cognitive decline touches Dr. Bell’s heart, and Padma’s process of choosing a baby Daddy freaks Leela out.

All that and Conrad and Billie at odds too?

We’ve seen the episode a little early, and have our usual weekly teaser roundup for you below. As always we avoid outright spoilers that would ruin your enjoyment of the show, but if you are in any doubt as to our integrity on that issue you can check out our weirdly detailed and obsessively written (like wow, that’s really far too much information. You’ve clearly thought about this a lot. Like a lot. A lot!) spoiler policy through this link.

Baby Daddy?

Padma brings her impetuous enthusiasm for life into her search for the perfect sperm donor this week.

However, Leela is horrified at how quickly Padma settles on the perfect match, and decides to do a little digging into the fertility clinic.

What she uncovers persuades Padma to look at a familiar face as an alternative future Dad.

A Clash of Wills

Conrad and Billie all but fall out in Tuesday’s episode when they clash over their approach to treating a young boy with a mysterious ailment.

While Billie wants to admit the child for an immediate surgery that would temporarily prevent inevitable brain damage, Conrad feels for the boy’s father, who is desperate for a less drastic — and more lasting — solution.

Voss Meets Her Hero

Kitt Voss meets a personal hero in the form of Dr. Arthur Kravitz, when she and Bell, accompanied by Devon’s interns, pay a visit to a local senior living facility.

While Voss hopes (in vain) for one of the interns to become inspired by the field of Gerontology, she and the others instead come away from the experience more inspired by Dr. Kravitz’s loving relationship with his wife Gloria.

A Painful Lesson

Fans will be treated to two similar patient storylines this week, only one of which will feature a happy ending.

The failure of our docs to save one adorable patient in time will serve as a painful but ultimately eye-opening lesson for one of the team but will do nothing for us fans who will be left reaching for the tissues by the episode’s end.

Gee, thanks The Resident!

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