Tuesday’s episode of The Resident leans into the spooky in a Halloween-themed treat that is sure to intrigue, gross out, and amuse fans in equal measure.

The action kicks off in “The Thinnest Veil” with 3 witches admitted to the E.R. who all appear to have gone out of their minds. As the docs struggle to contain and diagnose the trio, Conrad (Matt Czuchry) strikes up a friendship with one of them, and hears some heartwarming advice on bereavement.

Conrad is not the only person striking up friendships this week. The episode will also see Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) striking up a friendship with a stranded hitchhiker as he drives home from a weekend away.

And if you’re thinking … wait … a hitchhiker in a Halloween-themed episode? Surely there’s more to this side-story than meets the eye, then you would be absolutely right. Expect flashbacks to some of Bell’s not greatest moments, a forced confession, and a knife-edged detour into the woods.

What else does the Halloween special have to offer? Fans can look forward to a story about Chastain’s gristly past, the haunting of room 2413, a patient who believes he is being pursued by a ghost, Dr Voss as Mary Poppins, and even a brief cameo from Emily VanCamp’s Nic in the opening scene.

But the hour is not all about things that go bump in the night. The episode will also provide a touching tribute to Nic as her friends come to mourn her passing and celebrate her life in a very special way.

However the most surprising moment is held for the final scene and a glimpse not of the past and what was, but the future, and the promise of what will be.

Look, just bring tissues ok?

The Resident’s “Thinnest Veil” episode airs Tuesday, Oct. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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