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Tonight’s “Viral” sees just about everyone veering off track as a number of events and developments threaten the delicate stability of Chastain’s halls. From a Brazilian butt lift gone wrong, to a gender reveal gone wrong, to a good deed gone wrong, to an ambitious aspiration gone wrong, our docs are surely up against it this week.

Performance Anxiety

This week sees Dr. Bell back in the surgery, having been cleared for duty by Conrad and Voss. However, both Leela and Jessica are nervous about joining his team following Bell’s last performance which ended with Bell running from the theatre at a crucial moment.

While Jessica is more easily reassured, Leela is not, despite her assuring Randolph that their shared disabilities are simply a new challenge to overcome together.


Leela is not the only one suffering from perfect sister syndrome. Tonight we’ll meet Jessica’s sister Scarlet — rich, thin, and pregnant with her first child. Jessica just can’t seem to avoid comparisons to her beautiful sibling, especially when they are both gathered for Scarlet’s big baby gender reveal party. However when tragedy strikes, we will get to see Jess’ brilliance truly shine.

Choices, Choices

We know that recent episodes have seen Leela contemplating Neuro vs Cardio Thoracic boards. This week our indecisive doc will approach Billie about the prospect of double boarding. However her suggestion may not go over as well as she might have hoped.

Anything for Followers

Meanwhile, Conrad, Irving & Trevor team up on case involving an influencer whose life is put in danger by a dangerous cosmetic surgery.

Along the way the guys will discover just how far some people are willing to go for Instagram followers, and also, which Doc has a surprising TikTok following of his own following his lipsync to Lizzo’s Truth Hurts.

The Big story

The big story of the night belongs to Bille who last week wrote an anonymous letter condemning Doctor Robert Porter’s unethical behavior. Billie is adamant that rapist Porter should not be the one to win a seat on he Governor’s board.

However, as we will learn, condemning Porter while simultaneously recommending Bell carries deep repercussions for all three docs, leaving Porter feeling vengeful, Bell feeling undone, and Billie left with a choice that will bring “devastating emotional repercussions” if she continues down this particular path.

This looks like a story set to run for some weeks to come.

The “Viral” episode of The Resident airs Tuesday, Feb. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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