Fans of FOX’s The Resident have good reason to tune into Tuesday’s episode, the first since, Oct. 19th’s Halloween-themed instalment, featuring that insane time jump at the end of the hour.

Tuesday’s “Ask Your Doctor” is set to explore life for our favorite docs a few years on from Nic’s tragic death, but what can fans expect on the night? The best and shortest answer is to expect the unexpected from this mostly light-hearted hour. But if you’d rather some specifics, then keep reading because you’ve come to the right place.

Double Trouble

Unless you’ve scrutinized the guest cast for the episode, then prepared to be trolled HARD for a couple of bewildering seconds towards the start of the hour. Those moments set the stage for where our favorite characters are now, and you might be forgiven for initially thinking the worst. Our advice? Keep watching. You are not seeing double, and all will become clear.

Heart Sounds”

Dr. Austin’s star is officially on the rise. Not only is he now sporting a new moustache and goatee, but people can’t seem to get enough of his latest book “Heart Sounds.”

He’s even got himself a TV spot. Looks like Chastain has got itself a new heartthrob.

The Cover Boy vs The Visionary Leader

Chastain is in need of a dynamic and hardworking new head of surgery. Who better than to fill that role than Dr. AJ Austin. Or Dr. Randolph Bell. Or Austin. Or, y’know Bell…

Watch as Chastain’s best surgeons go head to head for the coveted role, attempting to out do each other in their race to be first, even squabbling over who gets to operate on a superstar MMA fighter for publicity rights. In the end, Dr. Voss will be forced to make a tough but fair call.

Conrad’s Best Day

On the surface Conrad appears to be doing well, but fans may be shocked to learn of a pretty big sacrifice he’s made since Nic’s death that has changed the course of his life. It will take a special case, an assist from Devon, and a race against the clock to make Conrad realize what’s been missing from his life recently.

We are Family

Sometimes it really does take a family member to get you to take a closer look at yourself. In Tuesday’s ep, Leela will be forced to examine how much she has sacrificed for her profession, and if it’s possible to reclaim her spontaneity.

The “Ask Your Doctor” episode of The Resident airs Tuesday, Nov. 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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