Tonight’s episode of The Resident is a big one for Billie, and by extension, Kit Voss and Randolph Bell.

The episode picks up following the fallout from last week’s revelations concerning Dr. Porter and his bid to ruin Billie’s career if she persisted with her allegations of unethical behavior against him.

This week, things hit the fan as circumstances pull not only Billie but those closest to her into an emotional and professional maelstrom that appears to have only one unhappy solution.

We’ve seen the episode a little early, thanks to the Fox Network, and have some teasers from tonight’s action to share with you. As always, we make it a point never to divulge major plot or character reveals in our spoiler articles. If you would like to learn more about Our Spoiler Policy, please check out the TV Pulse Magazine link in this sentence.

Tweeting Up a Storm

Dr. Porter meant what he said. “Hell in a handbasket” (directed by series star Manish Dayal, btw) kicks off with a clever montage of hateful tweets sent in Billie’s direction disparaging her both professionally and personally. It looks like Porter’s campaign of hate is off to a successful start.

The Tweetstorm looks so real we had to check to see if @DrBillieSutton was an actual account. As we type, it is not. Thankfully.

Collateral Damage

Last week Bell and Billie had a tense corridor exchange when Randolph demanded that Billie tell him “What the hell is going on!”

Billie’s letter of recommendation for Bell coupled with her letter of condemnation against Porter made thing look very bad for Bell. With his seat on the board now on the line, Bell told Billie the optics made it look like they were conspiring to ensure Bell’s victory. The exchange made Billie so upset she almost bumbled a surgical procedure. It took Kit’s explanation to Randolph to help him understand what was really behind Billie’s complaint letter, and what was at stake.

This week, both Voss and Bell are firmly in Billie’s corner. However their loyalty will come at a great price.

Conrad’s Offer

Tonight Billie will admit to Conrad that Nic would have been her go-to person in this time of crisis. With Nic gone, Conrad attempts to help his friend as best he can, despite Billie’s reluctance to open up about the full history of her trouble.

Regardless, Conrad offers to be Billie’s “wingman” if she should choose to go into battle against the medical board and Porter himself.

Surprisingly though, it’s not Conrad, but someone unexpected who will turn up at the 11th hour to make all the difference.

Randolph the Scrub Nurse

In a lighter moment, we will see Kit get to take on a complex and dangerous surgery, assisted by both AJ and Bell, as Bell scrubs in during a nursing shortage.

Let’s not make this a habit, guys.


Oh dear! It looks like Padma’s #VanLife days may be about to come to and end. When Leela spots her twin sister browsing for apartments online, Padma reveals she is ready to move on with her life.

In fact, Padma already has her next big life stage planned out, but she will need her sister’s help make her dreams come true.

Will Padma’s request be too overwhelming for Leela to agree to?

The Home For Battered Nurses

This week, Chastain is feeling the brunt of a severe nursing shortage that is luring the hospital’s seasoned nurses to new jobs with better pay and conditions in other cities.

However, when Jessica is presented with an offer she can’t refuse, and given only 6 hours to make up her mind, she must carefully consider what repercussions her decision will bring.

The “Hell in a Handbasket” episode of The Resident airs Tuesday, Feb. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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