New Amsterdam is back with its first post-Olympics episode on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

The hour is called “Two Doors” and you might be interested to note it’s directed (with equal amounts of flair and humor and heart) by series star Ryan Eggold who included the following note to critics along with an advance copy of the episode this week.

Starring in “New Amsterdam” is a joy for me and having the chance to direct this upcoming episode, “Two Doors,” is an exciting new challenge. To collaborate in this way with such kind, talented and generous creatives is beyond thrilling.

This season has been a complex journey for Max, Helen, Iggy, Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Bloom and the staff, and we are excited to reveal more of the ongoing challenges they are facing with Dr. Fuentes.

As we’ve screened the episode a little early, thanks to Ryan and the folks at NBC, we thought we would share a little more on what to expect on the night. Please note: we never reveal major spoilers that would compromise your enjoyment of the live episode experience. If you would like to know more about our stringent Spoiler Policy, check the link in this sentence.

I Got What I Came For

Dr Max comes out of his corner swinging in the opening scene of “Two Doors,” presenting himself in Dr. Fuentes’ office, feet on her desk, and ultimatum in hand.

Either Fuentes leaves the hospital, or Goodwin will personally take her down.

The moment goes about as well as you might imagine, but after Max brushes himself off on the sidewalk, we will discover he may have got what he came for, afterall.

Reynolds Vs Fuentes

Reynolds may be getting the stink eye from his colleagues this week, but he’s still in Fuentes’ good books … until they clash over a patient’s course of treatment, that is.

In a series of clever flashbacks to Funetes’ former days as a caring surgeon (we were as surprised as you) we see how Reynold’s patient’s illness mirrors one of Fuentes’ previous surgeries.

With both past and present storylines playing out side by side, we will gain a little insight into why Fuentes is the way she is.

Might this clash of wills be just the shot in the arm Reynolds needs?

The Gang is Most Definitely Not Back Together

Max will learn, the hard way, that not everyone is happy to jump onboard with his bold plan to rescue New Amsterdam.

While Max struggles to understand his former colleagues’ lack of loyalty and enthusiasm for his grand vision, it falls to Reynolds to tell him exactly what the problem is when the pair have an awkward rooftop exchange.

Phone Sex

What are two hot docs on other ends of the planet gonna do when the mood strikes?

The episode playfully (very playfully) teases Max and Helen’s frustrated attempts to carve out a little ‘us time’ over the phone.

With repeated interruptions making intimacy impossible, Max steps up by surprising Helen with a sexy phone call to London in the early hours, during which thing get very heated.

If you are a #SharpWin fan, you may want to have some ice handy.

The “Two Doors” episode of New Amsterdam airs (Tuesday, Feb. 22, at 10 p.m. ET/PT) on NBC.

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