Fans of NBC’s La Brea will probably want to tune into this week’s episode.

Airing Nov. 16, NBC teases that “Origins” will see the survivors reckoning with their lack of survival skills as colder weather approaches. When Eve suggests making contact with the people from the fort to see if they can offer any help, Ty is welcoming of the idea. However the fort dwellers’ previous aggressive actions leave Levi feeling less than enthused, and when he and Silas butt heads over their mutual sense of distrust, the whole mission — and the survivors’ likelihood of survival — is thrown into jeopardy.

But if you are wondering why an episode focusing on tensions between both groups is titled “Origins” then you may suspect there’s more to the hour than the Network’s log lines suggest.

And you would be right.

“Origins” will also explore Gavin’s bizarre history in more detail, and in doing so reveal the show’s biggest secret since the pilot episode. We are not going to spoil the big reveal for you here, but we can tell you it happens in the episode’s final moments, and also that it’s been staring us in the face for the last couple of weeks already.

Speaking of faces, look out for a familiar one — last seen leaping from a plane — this week. That’s right. Aldridge is back, and more mysterious than ever.

Meanwhile, the hour will see two (male) characters screwing up (and for once it’s not Josh, Scott, or Lucas!) when their suspicions get the better of them.

The “Origins” episode of La Brea airs Tuesday, Nov. 16 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

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