New “Stranger Things” Teaser Promises Something Very Special

Wait, is that Matthew Modine’s Martin Brenner — aka Papa — in this new teaser clip from Stranger Things upcoming fourth season?

It sure looks like it, although a series of clever camera angles keeps us from truly knowing if we are looking at the return of Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) captor, a flashback, or just an unsettling dream sequence that harks back to her time at Hawkins Laboratory. (After all, when we last checked in on Doctor Brenner, he was having his head chewed off by a Demogorgon.)

The clip ends with an unsettling whisper “Eleven, are you listening?”

Although there is still no official premiere date for the show’s fourth season on Netflix, the odds are good that the show will return sometime in 2021.

For the conspiracy theorists among us: Might the numbers featured in the clip offer a clue to the show’s return date? A clock on the wall points to three. A camera reflects the number 5 from a rainbow pattern on the floor. A magic 8-Ball predicts an outcome. A game counter lands on the number 7. But there are other clues in the number-heavy clip too. A child stacks 9 blocks, while 2 cars race around a track. And of course, we end with a close up of the number 11 on her door. So, according to our estimates the show will return on July 37, 2021…. ok maybe not.

But if the numbers don’t indicate a return date, there is always the possibility that they foreshadow the appearance of more teens from Eleven’s past.

Season 4 of the Duffer brother’s 80’s nostalgia-horror series will see the cast additions of 80’s horror icon Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) as a disturbed mental patient in addition to Game of Thrones alum Tom Wlaschiha as one of Hopper’s Gulag captors.

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Jennifer Griffin
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