Did you enjoy the premiere episode of The Winchesters? If you did, then good news everyone: Episode 2, “Teach Your Children Well,” airing Tuesday, Oct. 18 is even better.

The new Supernatural prequel really finds its feet in its second more confident instalment. Any issues the pilot episode may have had with balance and tone have been smoothed out this week, as the show and its characters settle into a satisfying and familiar-feeling monster slaying groove.

This week, the van takes the scooby gang to Topeka, Kansas, where Hippies from a local commune report a missing teen, and a monster in the woods.

However, as Mary (Meg Donnelly) takes the lead, her famous Campbell ‘My Way or the Highway’ leadership style soon begins to grate on Carlos’ nerves.

The episode serves to shed more light on Mary’s relationship with her Dad Samuel (the recently cast Tom Welling will make his first actual appearance as Samuel Campbell in episode 7). We will learn a little more about Sam and Mary’s curious Hunting ‘shorthand’ in addition to seeing just how high that pedestal that Mary has placed her Dad on really is.

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But it’s not just Mary whose parent is bringing the grief this week. In an episode rich with parent/child dynamics, John (Drake Rodger) will also fall out with Mom Mille Winchester (Bianca Kajlich). Millie thinks John is behaving exactly like his father lately, and John isn’t exactly doing much to dissuade her of that notion this week.

But it’s not only emotional beats on offer this week. Family dynamics aside, fans of the new series can expect Hippies, zombies, acid trips, creepy nuns, and not one, but two undercover ops, as the gang attempt to identify, track, and slay their quarry.

All that and some beautiful nods to the music of the early 70’s (see if you can catch the Fleetwood Mac easter egg), and some well positioned comedic notes, and a closing scene that adds to the show’s mythology, make episode 2 of The Winchesters a well crafted, fun, and dramatic adventure in grand Supernatural tradition.

The “Teach Your Children Well” episode of The Winchesters airs Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 8:00 pm ET on the CW.

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