Things got more than a little tense for the survivors in tonight’s La Brea episode.

“The Storm” saw a massive weather front making lives difficult for the stranded, while emotions ran high following the surely-that-should-have-been-avoidable shooting of Diana, last week.

Meanwhile, Gavin and Izzy faced problems of their own with Gavin deciding to sideline his daughter from his rescue plans in an effort to provide her a sense of normalcy.

Bit late now, Gavin.

United in Purpose

It wasn’t just the weather running stormy tonight. As dark clouds of epic proportions gathered overhead, tensions (which were already running high following the accidental-maybe-on-purpose fatal shooting of Diana, and the scuppering of everyone’s last hope of getting the hell out of dodge), began to hit boiling point.

As Eve and Mary-Beth bonded in a moment of teenagers-am-I-rite? eye-rolling, they also took a beat to acknowledge that if they hadn’t stopped Levi and Diana’s flight, both of their sons would be dead.

But Eve and Mary-Beth weren’t the only ones brooding over past events. Both Josh, and Mary-Beth’s son Lucas, were incensed over their respective mothers’ actions. Something about free will and making their own choices blah, blah, blah. Although Lucas may have a genuinely personal axe to grind (let’s not forget his mom shot and killed his dad prior to their arrival), Josh in particular comes across as a whiny brat this week. Spurred on by each other, and a crowd baying for, if not blood, then some manner of revenge, the gang vote to oust both Mary-Beth and Eve from their group. Ouch!

LA BREA — “The Storm” Episode 107 — Pictured Natalie Zea as Eve Harris — (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)


Lest we lose all hope of ever getting home, Scott takes Riley and Josh to take a look at the Civil War gold stash he and Lucas unearthed last week. Scott surmises that if the gold fell through the rift in the sky back in 1863, then it’s likely there have been, and will be, more portals opening up going forward. This idea is reinforced later by Ty’s new friend Paara, who tells him Sky People have been coming to their land since “forever.” Speking of Ty…

LA BREA — “The Storm” Episode 107 — Pictured (l-r) Rohan Mirchandaney as Scott Israni, Jon Seda as Dr. Samuel Valez, Veroncia St. Clair as Riley Valez, Jack Martin as Josh Harris — (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

All Ty’d Up

It looks like little orphan Veronica really did a number on our Ty. Not only did she manage to crack him over the head with a log last week, but she bound and tied him up while unconscious as well. Girl does not want to be followed. Ty awakens to discover a strange native woman, Paara, who is reluctant to help him (Hey, it’s another one of those pesky and untrustworthy Sky People!) but changes her mind when she realizes Ty is about to be attacked by a venomous snake. Then because she’s awesome, Paara rescues Ty a second time after he passes out (again) while trying to get some answers. Ty awakes in a cave where Paara has tended to his head wound. How did she manage to get him there? Girl is so awesome she probably just threw him over one shoulder and hoofed it over 5 miles to the cave like it was nothing. Paara seems anxious for Ty to leave, but once she spots the bad weather front closing in, she softens (just a smidge) and invites Ty to pull up a cave rock and wait the storm out with her.

Ty has been super anxious for answers and tries to get Paara to tell him more about her people, the nature of the sky rift, and anything else that might help, but instead he accidentally ends up revealing his entire back-story, painful divorce and all. Awkward. Paara seems amused. For a woman of few words, she conveys a lot with her eyes. When the storm eventually blows over, she leads Ty back to his people because frankly it’s not likely he’d ever manage to find his way back by himself.

LA BREA — “The Storm” Episode 107 — Pictured Chiké Okonkwo as Ty Coleman — (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

Meanwhile Back at Camp

Meanwhile back at camp, Eve is packing up to leave, and for a moment there it looks like she’s stuffing all of Levi’s MRE’s into her duffel. (I’m at least 60% sure that wasn’t the case.) About to head out, fate intervenes. A pole falls on the shelter Lucas has chosen to sulk in, trapping both mom and son inside under a pile of rock and concrete slabs. When they both come to and find themselves trapped underneath tons of precariously stacked rubble, Mary-Beth decides to have a real heart to heart with Lucas, and finally reveals her side of the story. Yes, Mary-Beth did kill Lucas’ Dad – but in self-defence, and only after he set his own son up to take the fall when it was discovered he was lifting drugs evidence from his precinct. Lucas’ Dad was a bad cop, and a worse father. At first Lucas is angry and disbelieving. Why would Mary-Beth wait all this time to tell him the truth? Mary-Beth reveals that she knew the truth would break her son’s heart. Since Lucas pretty much despised her by age 15, Mary-Beth decided to allow Lucas to go on thinking well of his dead beat Dad. We can see in Lucas’ eyes (that lighter really highlights all those unshed tears) that he finally believes her.

LA BREA — “The Storm” Episode 107 — Pictured (l-r) Josh McKenzie as Lucas Hayes, Karina Logue as Marybeth Hayes — (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

Tick Tick Boom

Doctor Sam finally gets something brave to do this week.

Upon learning that the group’s grumpiest duo are trapped beneath rubble, Sam MacGyver’s a make-shift IED from a defibrillator and some gunpowder from a bullet borrowed from Levi. Somehow, thanks to the magic of TV, the explosive device successfully blows a hole in the rocks without blowing a hole in Mary-Beth or Lucas, and the pair are finally free — but not before a brief moment of hand holding between mother and son. Is it too much to hope this pair are finally reconciled?

LA BREA — “The Storm” Episode 107 — Pictured Jon Seda as Dr. Samuel Valez — (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)


Has anyone else been bothered/worried by the survivors’ lack of clean or warm clothes? Well our worrying days are over because this week Riley and Josh discover a super massive Hollywood trailer with racks and racks of costumes/outfits for people to change into. Cue a collection of cowboys, aliens and superheroes strutting about camp in next week’s episode. Hey, it’s both fashionable and warm.

LA BREA — “The Storm” Episode 107 — Pictured (l-r) Rohan Mirchandaney as Scott Israni, Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi Delgado, Natalie Zea as Eve Harris — (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

November 16, 1988

Just before she infuriatingly jumped out of Gavin’s plane last week, Aldridge advised Gavin to “go back to the beginning” and specifically to November 16, 1988. Although that date didn’t mean anything to us last week, we discover that it is actually the date Gavin was taken in by child care services after being found wandering the streets with no memory of who he was, or where he came from.

Um … that’s a pretty large chunk of exposition to withhold until this point in the show, La Brea writers.

Gavin wonders if his origins may be related to his visions, so he and Sophia head out to find out more about his adoption records, which have, we learn, been sealed up to this point.

By the way, it should be mentioned, Gavin is now a free man, despite trying to fly a plane into to the rift last week and getting arrested for his efforts, because according to Agent Markman “Everyone wants this to go away.”

They do?

Yup. Apparently one NDA later, Gavin is free to go … back to trying to rescue his family.

As Gavin and Sophia investigate, leaving Izzy sidelined, Gavin has a couple of visions involving Diana’s death. Sophia takes things surprisingly well. They have adoption details to chase down after all. It’s a busy time.

The duo discover that Gavin wasn’t found alone that fateful day back in 1988. There was a girl with him too. However, they weren’t adopted together. Does Gavin have a sister? Or at least someone who shares his unique gift? The answer appears to be yes, at least to that last part. When Gavin and Sophia turn up at her place of work, an artist’s gallery, they discover a huge hand sculpture — identical to the symbol of the native people in the past — on her premises.

Curiouser and curiouser.

La Brea continues Tuesdays on NBC.

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