It’s a bright Tuesday morning and actor Matthew Porretta is talking to TVPulse Magazine via video link from the quiet kitchen of his Connecticut home.

The somewhat reclusive actor is well known for his film roles in such titles as Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Dracula: Dead and loving it, as well as a slew of TV credits including The Blacklist, The Good Wife, CSI: New York, Beverley Hills 90210, and more. However for many, Porretta is most synonymous with the character of Alan Wake, Finnish game studio Remedy Entertainment’s most enduring character, and one Porretta has been voicing for 14 years — in the original title Alan Wake, its recent sequel, Alan Wake 2, in 2019’s Control, and a host of DLCs.

In the following video interview we ask Matthew to delve into his history with Remedy, how it feels to inhabit Alan Wake alongside Finnish actor Ilkka Villi who provides the character’s physical likeness, and where both upcoming Alan Wake DLCs (Night Springs and Bright Falls) might take his character.

Also under discussion, the cast’s triumphant live performance of the in-game musical number Herald of Darkness on Dec. 7 for the annual Video Game Awards in Los Angeles, and how Porretta almost missed out on performing the iconic dance on stage to a streamed audience of 180 million people.

Porretta also discusses Mr Scratch Alan’s evil Dark Place doppelgänger, Dr. Casper Darling, a wholly unique character first created for him in Remedy’s Control, and Darling’s relationship to Villi’s murky agenda-driven Thomas Zane, both of whom were last seen in 3 intriguing Alan Wake 2 easter egg videos for Remedy’s upcoming projects.

Matthew was also at hand to answer a number of fan questions on acting, audio books, his early musical career, and just how he managed to sound so convincing when voicing for Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight, for which he reprised his role as Alan Wake in what he playfully refers to as an “Alan Wake road trip.”

Catch Matthew Porretta’s full interview below.

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