Nicholas Gonzalez is set to touch down in this week’s episode of La Brea.

The Good Doctor alum will join the cast of NBC’s scifi series in episode 3, “The Hunt” airing Tuesday night.

Gonzalez takes on the role of heroic Captain Levi Delgado, close family friend of the Harris family (close enough to be referred to as “Uncle Levi” fyi), and ace fighter pilot.

The action kicks off when Delgado is selected to be the first person to attempt a flyby of the breach with an aim to locating the whereabouts of those stranded in the past, below.

However, despite their long-standing friendship, Delgado isn’t Gavin’s (Eoin Harris) first choice to make the potentially fatal flight. In fact, Gavin argues that he should be the one to traverse the breach himself.

Unfortunately though, Gavin’s visions and past drinking problems, coupled with the fact he is strictly no longer in the airforce, places Delgado firmly at the top of the shortlist of vetted candidates, in addition to being handed the onerous task of bringing the Harris family home.

No pressure!

Is there more to the heroic and chiselled Uncle Levi than meets the eye? You can absolutely bet there is. In other words, prepare yourselves now for some juicy Harris family backstory come Tuesday night.

And while Delgado’s mission may put he and Gavin at odds, it may just be the note of hope the survivors so desperately need.

Catch Nicholas Gonzalez as Captain Levi Delgado in La Brea Tuesday Oct. 12 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) on NBC.

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