Episode 4×07 “Harmony”

Max and Bloom are shocked when a deadly ambulance crash reveals a dangerous plan.

Dr. Fuentes pressures Iggy to take on patients.

Sharpe realizes her own cost-cutting has adversely affected her department.

Reynolds, Baptiste and Malvo strive to reach an accord.

Air Date: Tuesday, Nov, 2 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Episode 4×06 “Laughter and Hope and a sock in the Eye”

Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Malvo have a heart-to-heart with Dr. Baptiste.

Max learns a little more about Sharpe when someone from her past resurfaces.

Iggy plays referee between two young patients and their families.

Dr. Wilder reconsiders Max’s offer to join the staff. 

Air Date: Tuesday, Oct, 26 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “Laughter and Hope and a Sock in the Eye”

Episode 4×05 “This Be the Verse”

Dr. Fuentes continues her quest to remake the hospital in her vision.

Max goes the extra mile to help a patient in need.

Dr. Sharpe and Iggy find themselves at odds over a very serious issue.

Reynolds discovers the importance of personal obligations.

Bloom comes to a shocking realization about her mother.

Air Date: Tuesday, Oct, 19 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “This Be the Verse”

Episode 4×04 “Seed Money”

Max struggles with a new fiscal reality at the hospital.

Dr. Sharpe is on a mission to provide follow-up cancer screenings for patients before it’s too late.

Bloom grapples with Dr. Shinwari’s new overnight schedule.

Reynolds has an interesting conversation with Dr. Malvo about their future.

Air Date: Tuesday, Oct, 12 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “Seed Money”

Episode 4×03 “Same as it Ever Was”

Max and Sharpe go public with their relationship at the hospital.

The team struggles to keep a handle on an overcrowded and understaffed ICU and everyone must pitch in.

Iggy’s overly critical feedback alienates his residents.

Air Date: Tuesday, Oct, 5 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “Same as it Ever Was”

Episode 4×02 “We’re in this Together”

Max advises a young student at a science fair but encounters legal complications with her brilliant invention.

Bloom encourages Dr. Shinwari to be more aggressive in the ED.

Iggy gets a lesson in humility.

Brantley has a surprise for the staff.

Air Date: Tuesday, Sept. 28 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “We’re in this Together”

Episode 4×01 “More Joy”

Max and Sharpe wake up to a new, more personal dynamic.

Meanwhile, Iggy calls upon an old contact to help with an explosive situation at the hospital. Bloom begins a tricky dynamic with new Emergency Department residents and Reynolds finds himself in an awkward position with Dr. Baptiste and his wife, Dr. Lyn Malvo.

Air Date: Tuesday, Sept. 21 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

Photos: “More Joy”

About New Amsterdam season 4

After a turbulent year of sacrifice and hardship, Medical Director Max Goodwin and the team at New Amsterdam begin a well-deserved new chapter in their lives. The opening episode, titled “More Joy,” reflects both the drive of characters and the tone of season four. More joy: How can we find it, and how can we hold on to it?

For Max that means acknowledging and surrendering to his long simmering feelings towards Dr. Helen Sharpe. While this new relationship brings its own set of challenges, Max continues his optimistic – and quixotic – quest to improve our nation’s healthcare system.

Continuing to navigate their own personal journeys – including Dr. Bloom’s relationship with Dr. Leyla Shinwari, who is now her resident, Dr. Frome’s new career and Dr. Reynolds’ personal entanglements – the doctors will strive to embrace the joy and successes in their lives.

But there is a surprise in store for our heroes. Dr. Veronica Fuentes is joining the New Amsterdam team to help turn around the overburdened and underfunded hospital. Her first order of business will be to tear down every progressive program Max has erected. Max will have his work cut out for him if he is going to outwit this calm, poised and fearless fixer.

New Amsterdam is inspired by Dr. Eric Manheimer’s memoir “Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital” and his 15 years as medical director at the hospital.

The cast includes Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Freema Agyeman and Jocko Sims, with Tyler Labine. Michelle Forbes guest stars as Dr. Fuentes.

David Schulner and Peter Horton executive produce along with Michael Slovis, David Foster, Aaron Ginsburg, Erika Green Swafford and Shaun Cassidy.

New Amsterdam is produced by Universal Television, Pico Creek Productions and Mount Moriah.

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